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Branding: Finn-tastic.


I regretted that title the moment I wrote it, but it sums up our feelings on this Finnish brand. 

The new brand for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland is a masterclass in technology and design. I'll do my best to describe how it works, but it's best to watch the video below. 

As an organisation that monitors what's happening around the world, and then responds to it accordingly, the MFFAOF and Helsinki design studio 358 created a brand that does just the same. An app was created that reacts to various live data sets and translates it visually through the variations in the colour, intensity and location of the focal points on the identities globe. As a result, the identity will change to reflect the current global climate, creating a dynamic, powerful and constantly relevant identity. 

These variations in the identity are then used thoughtfully (as we've come to expect from the ever-clever Finns) in various touchpoints across the brand and their organisations material. 

Did I do an alright job describing how it works? I strongly suggest watching the video below for a better explanation and a little inspiration.

It's all Finn-tastic. 

Drew Fellows